Hello, I’m Marco,

Lead Design Strategist in London. I love to design great experiences using data, and share my passion with others.
Owner and organiser of two Meetup communities, Product Design and Innovators Group.

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Founder at

I transform complexity into simple experiences.

Able to adapt quickly and embrace uncertainty, I am a data-informed designer who loves talking to users on a daily basis, organising and conducting testings.

I believe in highly collaborative organisations, and I always try to optimise processes between teams to move faster and without frictions. My motto is “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Shall we call this “Agile Design”?

I am an eternal learner, always keeping myself up-to-date, willing to share my knowledge and mentoring less senior members of the team.

Lean UX is my passion; however, thanks to my extensive experience, I am always able to pick the right “tool” for each project to move quickly and design innovative products.

Some of the companies I had the pleasure to help

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